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Dr. Carleah East is a clinical psychotherapist, licensed mental health counselor, motivational speaker, and author. She is the founding CEO of SMILE Psychology and Associates, LLC and Dr. East’s Sapphire Woman: Pathways organization allows Dr. East to share her dedication to helping others reach their highest potential with the women who need it most. Sapphire Woman: Pathways supports women impacted by incarceration by guiding them through healing painful wounds from the past, building confidence and self-efficacy, and gaining strength by providing pathways of education, therapy, and civic engagement. Dr. East is the Mental Health Project Director at St. Petersburg College and a popular and respected psychology professor. She earned her Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from the University of Central Florida and her Master of Arts degree in Mental Health Counseling from Argosy University. She completed her PhD in General Psychology at Capella University and maintains professional training certifications from Connect: Suicide Intervention and National Mental Health First Aid. As a mother who has been twice divorced, Dr. East is a prime example of fortitude, authenticity, and transformative power.


Her personal journey through marriage and divorce informs the work she does with other women, whose own marriages have been beset with turmoil and discontent. She acknowledges that fear, loneliness, and negative self-worth present formidable challenges in reclaiming one’s life after divorce, but Dr. East is confident that the right focus, guidance, and support can help women see themselves as worthy of love and healing, success and happiness a birthright in regaining their power. From basic legal rights to battling feelings of regret and remorse, there are many aspects to re-establishing one’s life after the dissolution of a marriage. Dr. East has worked with women across the varied stages of separation and divorce, counseling women before, during, and after the process of ending a marriage. She guides her clients with love, honesty, and empathy toward seeing the next chapter of their lives as an opportunity to explore their needs, hopes, and desires for a full, happy life with optimism and confidence. A proud member of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Dr. East is the author of two books, The Hangover: Overcoming Emotional Addiction and Don’t Wait for Love, Become L.O.V.E. She is a clinical correspondent with BayNews 9 and Channel 10 News, and her motivational speaking work through Dr. East SPEAKS provides keynote addresses, life-purpose coaching, personal and professional development seminars, and community-based workshops on topics including, but not limited to, anxiety, divorce, and emotional addiction across the United States. With laughter and love, Dr. East inspires others to reclaim their power, embrace their truth, and design their destiny.

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“To know and understand that there are steps outside of spirituality that are just as needed can change one’s opinion about how we engage other people but also how we handle ourselves when it comes to mental heath. Dr. East so candidly provided us with an awakening moment and challenged us to think outside the religious box and embrace a holistic approach when dealing with matters of the psych. Many of us left empowered to tear down the walls of religious separation and dis-spell the myths surround therapy. Dr. East shared a powerful tip I am now living by: “In order to Heal, you got to feel…in order to feel, you have deal.” I am definitely looking for the next session.”

Brandon E. Perkins, Pastor/Prophet

“Being one of the more passionate and engaging advocates for student development and learning, Dr. Carleah East stands as an effective communicator in multiple arenas. Her public speaking delivery as well as her overall stage presence is consistently coupled with strong expertise in student success initiatives, innovative strategies for quality instruction, and research and practice in mental health.


These rare attributes are evident as she continues to support and define the mission of higher education and the growth of each student. It was my honor to share a stage with her during a couple of presentations, but it is always a privilege to listen to her addresses when she is presenting alone.”

Albert D. Farr, PhD, Chair,


Dr. East is a powerhouse speaker with a very versatile range of knowledge.  Dr. East captivates her audience through her intelligence and genuine passion about mental health and well-being.  Her dynamic presence intrigues and influences others to strive for their own greatness, and her professionalism makes for a rewarding partnership!

Bridget Narvaez, MBA, RN, 


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The HangOver


Emotional Addict

An emotional addict is an individual who is addicted and emotionally attracted to the highs and lows of a relationship. Without even realizing it, you become emotionally immune and dependent on the cycle of emotional ups and downs

Toxic Thoughts

You will also discover how the constant subliminal messages (the harmful “drugs”) that society pushes to women can endanger, negatively influence, and hinder their lives. Because of this, you will often find yourself with someone that everybody else thinks is great for you, but with whom you know you’re not truly happy.


Emotional Sobriety

A mate is an extension of your life. They’re not the absolute value of your life. When you stop focusing on everything else and start focusing on yourself–building your empire, growth, and legacy as a beautiful woman, your mate will show up.

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