Empowerment  Coaching

Dr. East Speaks is geared specifically for women.  Focused on providing life coaching, group classes, wellness workshops / seminars and keynotes that empower women to SLAY in their lanes and embrace the fierce and strong woman warriors they are.

Are You Ready To:

  • Transform self-doubt into confidence.

  • Stop comparing yourself to others.

  • Get rid of that feeling that you're not where you should be by now.

  • Trust yourself and your decisions.

  • Release trauma and gain closure

  • Play a bigger role in YOUR life.


If you said YES… it’s time to SLAY In Your Lane!

Whether it’s 1:1, group or email…. Dr. East Speaks it all!


Coaching Benefits

  • Gain Clarity, Confidence and Rediscovered Enthusiasm for Life

  • Quiet Your Self-Doubt and Negative Self-Talk

  • Detach from the Pain of Criticism and Family Expectations

  • Reconnect with your Dreams, Desires, Passions and Values

  • A Balanced Work/Life that's Designed by you as you move towards Self-Acceptance

  • A Sense of Purpose and Confidence in your Path and Your Future

  • Overcoming Limited Beliefs and your Inner Critic that have been holding you back

  • Feel Confident in yourself so that Comparisons won't Affect you

  • Overcoming a breakup, Troubled Marriage or Friendship

  • Building Confidence and Courage, Practicing Self-Acceptance

  • Exploring Thoughts, Feelings and Dreams

  • Overcoming Fears and Finding Strength Through Tears

  • Releasing Past Stories that are Sabotaging the Present- Learning Tips and Strategies for Handling Stress and Anxiety

HER Individuality 1:1 Coaching

One to one coaching provides the greatest level of support, accountability and transformation.

You will discover that often what you thought was the problem, does not even scratch the surface.

We will take a deep dive, peel away the layers and release what has been holding you back from your greatest achievements.

Collective Group Coaching
Coming Soon

Group coaching is a mixture of self-led coursework and internal self-discovery accompanied by guided group coaching session to help facilitate and reinforce strategies

Group coaching provides a supportive community among your peers as well as an opportunity to strengthen your inner work through weekly calls.

Email Coaching

Email coaching is an affordable option to receive support through coaching and self-led support.

Through the email coaching, you will have an opportunity to reach out for support during the week
(up to 3 emails)

This is a great option for those who are on a tighter budget, or simply on the go and like the flexibility of sending an email.


Coaching Packages 


One to One Coaching
Package $450


  • Deep Vibes Dive

  • Evaluation of 6 Human Needs

  • 2- 60min Sessions

Month to Month Email Coaching Package


  • Deep Vibes Dive

  • Evaluation of 6 Human Needs

  • 1 live 30-minute exchange per week

  • Messaging between sessions with 24-hour response window

  • 4 Weeks


Cost $300 per month

(cancel any time after 3 months)

3 Month prepaid Email Coaching Package


  • Deep Vibes Dive

  • Evaluation of 6 Human Needs

  • 1 live 30-minute exchange per week

  • Messaging between sessions with 24-hour response window

  • 12 Weeks


Cost $800 prepaid - Savings $100

Thriving Through Divorce

Includes: 6 weeks - 60min Sessions

From basic legal rights to battling feelings of anger, regret and loss, there are many aspects to re-establishing one’s life during and after the dissolution of a marriage.

I know how to help you RECLAIM YOUR HAPPINESS and not be railroaded.

Acing Anxiety:
Mind Over Matter

Includes: 6 weeks - 60min Sessions

Anxiety can feel dreadful, and it can make you want to avoid any and everything that's associated with it. However, the key to unearthing and taking control of anxiety is facing the thing that makes you anxious and that's where I come in!

Power & Authenticity:
Become L.O.V.E.

Includes: 6 weeks - 60min Sessions

As women warriors we balance, juggle, face, and overcome challenges daily.  Sometimes that existence can be exhausting, and you may forget just how amazing you are.  Become a Lady Operating w/ Love and Enrichment by experiencing my 7 transforming strategies for self-love and empowerment.

Bonus: 60min w/Divorce Attorney

Bonus: 30min 1:1 w/Dr. East

Bonus: 30min 1:1 w/Dr. East


Coaching Testimonials

I highly recommend Dr. East. I knew from our initial phone call I had found a counselor that was caring and honest. She gave me treatment options and explained her fees in a confident professional manner. Within our first few visits I knew I had made the right decision, having tried in the past with no luck. I am able to open up and feel comfortable doing so, while knowing I will get an honest reply from Dr. East. Which I highly respect. She has taught me my mental health is worth more than a dollar sign. I look forward to my visits with her.

-Amber. W