Signature Topics

 Corporate Mental Wellness

Dr. East provides workplace education and training seminars that raise awareness and reduce stigma around issues related to employee mental health, while building capacity for organizations to address issues more effectively and create psychologically healthy workplaces.


Topics included: Includes topics such as Restoring & Maintaining Mental Energy, Mental Wellness in the Office, Mental Connections for Remote Employees, Creating Workplace Balance & Support. 


The HangOver 

Have you ever tried to move forward from a broken relationship, only to keep circling back? Why can’t you get over this person? Questions like these are more common than you think.


The Hangover takes you through the 12 steps of recognizing, dealing and healing from Emotional Addiction. You already know what didn’t work in your past relationships, now let’s understand why and how not to repeat the same nonsense.

Together, but Separate

Relationships, no matter the proximity, can be beautiful things.  However, as beauty fades the true connections or disconnections are revealed. 


In navigating these realities, individuals may lose him/herself, or both may feel disconnected from one another. This workshop explores healthy relationship practices and how to maintain your individuality.

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 Not Everything Leaves A Mark

Intimate Partner Abuse is often only seen as physical

(picture a woman w/ a black eye), however it’s so much more. 

I have been physically assaulted, sexually disrespected, financially used and emotionally battered.  Yet, I AM HERE!


I have grown from my experiences and am not ashamed of my past…it has helped define who I am and what I deserve. 


This workshop will not only help you learn to identify abuse patterns,

it will also help you to define your standards and gain strength.

Speaking Testimonials

Today young women may be academically prepared, but a larger share of finding themselves socially unprepared period, with a constant struggle for finding the validity. This is simply not acceptable, she exclaims. Anxiety and stress; recognizing triggers and effective coping

Sexual assault and emotional addiction; date rape awareness and abusive relationships

Empowerment and authenticity; become L.O.V.E. Ladies operating with vision and enrichment.